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Water Softener Reviews - The 9 Best Websites & Online Magazines To Read When Researching What Water Softener To Buy

In this article, we are featuring websites that offer reviews of water softeners. These websites are a great resource for reviewing what water softener to buy. We will provide the link to each review site, the top recommendation of each site, and rank them from 1-10 for usefulness, presentation, and quality of information. 


If you are thinking about installing a water softener system, or are unsure about the quality of your water, contact us at Watersmart for professional help. 


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1. 2015 Unbiased Reviews On Water Softener Systems


A great site for anyone considering a water softener purchase, this site is well laid out, visually appealing, provides a lot of information and links and ranks the products it reviews.  The site provides check lists of the good and bad for each of the products, making it simple to quickly compare. 




We believe that this is currently the best all round choice if you are looking for help in making a water softener choice. Author Rose Masan, chooses the Fleck 5600SXT as her winner, with the NuvoH20 Manor Complete Water Softening System her second choice.



2. Best Water Softener Reviews 2016 - Comprehensive Guide


This post from Soft Water Lab, is well laid out, pleasing to the eye and easy to read making it our second choice. The article is full of useful information and even provides links to the described products for sale on Amazon.




Although the site does not provide a winner, it does supply a wealth of information on each product. This includes tables that make it easy for the reader to make their own comparisons at a glance. 



Check out our FAQ page for more answers to water questions.



3. Water Softener Reviews - Top Ten Reviews


A visually appealing site that leads off with clear, easy to view images of all 10 ranked softeners, this site is a must view for those who are planning a water softener purchase. 




Clicking on any image will take you to the product description page and another link witll take you to Amazon where you can purchase your choice. The site does not suggest a winner.


4. Water Softeners


The Review Centre, provides a simple, easy to follow review of 10 water softeners. 

The five star ranking system gives the reader a quick overview of the products for those who have little time to read the reviews but want the quick answer.




The images are rather small to view at first glance, but clicking on the image provides a larger view, along with a full review of the product and consumer reviews also. The Review Centre does not crown a winner, leaving the reader to make their own choice.




5. Best Water Softener Reviews - Frugal Home Design


This well laid out article not only provides their #1 ranked softener, they list the consistently top water softener brands. In addition they explain, among other things, what hard water is, and why you might need a water softener. Take a look at the site by clicking the link below:




The site also explains by means of a useful video, as well as a written explanation, how a water softener works.

The Fleck 5600 SXT is the best water softener according to this site. The system receives 5 stars across the board for cost, selection, verifiable customer reviews and DIY friendliness. 




6. Water Softener Reviews - Best Water Purification Reviews


This site's primary purpose is to provide reviews to water purification systems. The article is not particularly well laid out and is not appealing to the eye. However, it does provide links to almost 20 reviews. It is worth a look if you are looking for fairly thorough product reviews. 





The site does not rank the water softeners systems but leaves the reader to draw their own conclusions. No images of the products are provided. 


7. Water Softeners - Home Depot


Not strictly a review blog, nevertheless Home Depot delivers up a fairly comprehensive list of water softeners and peripherals with customer reviews. 




The site does provide comprehensive product overviews, but does not provide independent reviews other than those of consumers. Home Depot doesn't provide recommendations, nor does it provide any rankings other than those provided by customers. 



"We are new to the area and new to having hard water, and we recently purchased our water softener from this company after we received a marketing door knob hangar. From the moment we walked into the store, we were impressed with the attention and information we received."

Janet McRae


More testimonials



8. Water Softeners Now


The site provides us with reviews of five of the author's top picks. It is fairly informative, but text heavy and low on graphics. This makes it dull reading and the site unappealing to the eye.




However, the site does provide us with a very clear winner. The top choice is the Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Water Softener. The author believes that this system provides "the best available features" despite their being cheaper softeners and others with more extensive warranties. 


9. Water Softener Comparison and Reviews


The site provides comparisons of only a few products, and the presentation is weak and out of date. Visually unappealing and confusing to read, the site presents the Pelican as its winner




The review makes some helpful comparisons between salt and salt free softeners, explaining some of the advantages and disadvantages.



The Watersmart Advantage

We carry an excellent line of water softeners that we are proud to install and maintain. If you are considering installing a water softener in the Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge or Guelph area, contact us immediately for a professional consultation and installation.




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