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Is Bottled Water Bad For You?

Is bottled water bad for you? The debate continues and so does the sale of individual sized bottled water. But what is the truth about bottled water? In this post we will look at the some of the facts including is bottled water better for you than tap water, the cost, health and environmental concerns, and we will also give you some alternatives to using bottled water. If you don't like the taste of tap water, but you also are not comfortable using individual bottled water, contact the water experts at WaterSmart to discuss your options.

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The Facts About Bottled Water


According to the following video, the water bottle industry is huge. It is estimated that the sale of bottled water in the U/S. will overtake the sale of soda by next year. The video was recorded in 2015. For more facts about bottled water, read our post 24 Bottled Water Statistics.



Is Bottled Water Better For You Than Tap?

In the United States, 103 different types of bottled water were compared to tap water. In these tests, no evidence was found to prove that the bottled water brands were any better than normal tap water. Besides this, tap water is regulated, both in the  U.S. and in Canada to meet high safety standards. And interestingly enough about half of all bottled water actually comes from your tap.


The Cost of Bottled Water


Bottled water costs a lot more than tap water too. According to the previous video, Americans pay an average of $1.22 /gallon which is about 300 times the cost of tap water. Why does bottled water cost so much? Because you are not only paying for the water itself but also the cost of:

  • the cost of the bottle itself
  • the extra water to make the bottle
  • the cost of delivery
  • plus all of the advertisements to get you to purchase the water.


Health Concerns From Plastic Bottles


According to TheTruthAboutCancer.com, there are 3 health hazards commonly found in plastic water bottles. Some contain bisphenol A (BPA) which is a chemical which has been linked to several different forms of cancer as well as having adverse affects on fetuses, infants and children's brains, and prostate glands.


Other plastic bottles are made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and are BPA free. However they may contain contaminants of fecal matter, saliva and food residues. This is because their soft plastic is hard to clean and can become contaminated when re-used.


Finally, some plastic bottles contain phthalates which is a chemical that can leak into the water. According to The Canadian Cancer Society, this chemical has been linked to liver cancer, testicular atrophy and sterility in males.


Environmental Effects Of Individual Bottled Water

Less than 1/3 of plastic bottles get recycled in the U.S. Only about 70% of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles - the type that can be recycled - are recycled by Canadians according to the Canadian Beverage Association.

In addition, ground water is being overused in order to produce bottled water. Nestle pays only $3.71 to draw one million litres of water from a well near Hillsburgh, Ontario. They are allowed to draw 1.13 million litres of groundwater every day!

Added to this, huge amounts of CO2 are pumped into the atmosphere during the production of the plastic bottles.


Alternatives to Tap or Individual Bottled Water


If you really don't like the taste of tap water, then there still are other alternatives for you that are more economical and more environmentally friendly that buying individual bottles of water.


1. Bottled Water Coolers


A more economical and environmentally friendly alternative to purchasing individual small bottled water is to purchase a water cooler and use the large, re-fillable bottles. You can choose from spring, distilled, or purified water.  And if you don't like the idea of having to go and buy your own and carry it home, many companies offer a delivery service. At WaterSmart, you can order your water online and have it delivered to your home for free. Learn more about our bottled water options here


2. Bottle-less Coolers


If you don't like changing the large bottles or if you often forget to re-order bottles, you might want to consider purchasing a bottle-less cooler. This type of cooler connects directly to your water pipeline, so you will never run out of cooled water. Learn about WaterSmart's bottle-less coolers here


3. Reverse Osmosis Systems


A reverse osmosis system can improve the taste of water for people who do not like the taste of dissolved mineral solids in their water. Click here to find out more about how R/O works.  WaterSmart Systems sells, installs, and services Duro Reverse Osmosis Systems.


Contact WaterSmart to Discuss Your Drinking Water Options


If you are considering switching from small plastic bottles, but you still don't want to drink straight from the tap, contact WaterSmart. We can discuss your alternatives with you and help you decide on a water plan that best suits the needs of you and your family.




Bottle Vs. Tap: 7 Things to Know About Drinking Water


Against The Flow: Which Households Drink Bottled Water


Households And The Environment Survey 2015


Bottled Water 2015


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