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"I chose to go with Watersmart Systems. Best equipment, price, warranty and people!!"


Kim Pickles

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A Company Built On The Values Of:


Product Quality, Customer Service, & Building A Great Reputation


Since 1994, WaterSmart Systems has consistently offered its customers in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Brantford, and surrounding areas innovative, quality products and excellent service. We are a water softener and FULL plumbing service company that you can trust. That trust extends to our products and our expertise to improve the quality of your home's water. With an array of exclusive features, WaterSmart Systems' line of water treatment products is guaranteed to provide your family conditioned, clean water by treating and filtering the water that enters your home.


Our reverse osmosis (RO) water systems provide the best purified water possible for drinking and cooking. Even better, use of an RO system with reusable water containers will help reduce the millions of plastic bottles clogging up landfill sites.


Our water softeners and filters extend the lifespan of household appliances and prevent unsightly staining. They reduce the use of soap and cleaning products, which will save you money and create less waste and pollution.


We know not all water is the same, and that's why our trained WaterSmart Systems personnel can test your home's water to identify the right product(s) for you. Regardless of your water conditions, WaterSmart Systems offers the best solution.


If you need a plumber for anything from a faucet replacement to a full renovation, our Master Plumbers can assist. We are a certified backflow tester for your backflow prevention device. We make sure the work is done properly and in a timely manner.


WaterSmart is now a proud authorized Fridge Filter Pros dealer. This allows us to sell and access a full range of fridge filters for virtually any fridge.  We stock a variety of filters, but if you require a special or rare filter that we don't regularly stock, we'll find it and bring it in just for you. To view the Fridge Filter Pros website, click here.


Information collected by our stores and through this website is done with our customer in mind. To view our policy, click here.


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